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Style Guide

It's All About The Story

Great film isn’t always about flashy graphics, filters and color grading. It doesn’t always require $10,000+ cameras and an army of audio engineers. Often times a film project breaks into mainstream viewership due to one simple strength.

The story.

There are festivals and events out there that focus on the angles, the shots and the cinematic experience. All of which can be critical aspects of a great film. For the EPIC Nomad Film Festival, however, our focus is on elevating the story of nomads who successfully unplugged from the matrix society built to funnel us all into. With this in mind we encourage all content creators to consider submitting their work for consideration in our festival. You don’t need to be a camera pro. You don’t need to have expensive equipment and an arsenal of editing tools.

You just need to tell a story in a compelling way.

It could be your story. It could be the story of someone or something you came across on your journey. It could be about nomadism in general. Or the journey of life from your perspective.

It could be about nature. A location. Or perhaps a pet who travels with you.

The subject matter is all up to you. As is the way in which you package it into a start-to-finish tale depicted through motion media.

Have a story to tell and want to tell it in short film? Great! Check out the guide to see what we look for and go film it!

Style Guide

While we certainly intend to recognize and reward creative liberty in content considered for a finalist spot in the EPIC Nomad Film Festival, it’s also true that a few format and length guidelines are in place to help with consistency and proper formatting for multiple screen sizes.


The short film category targets a story timeline of anywhere from 3:00 minutes (minimum) to 22:00 minutes (maximum) in length. Any content shorter than 3:00 or longer than 22:00 will not be considered.


All content must be created for all audiences. Explicit language, visuals or adult content will not be accepted.


Video must be exported in 1920 x 1080 frame dimensions with a final export format of MOV.


Content creators are responsible for ensuring they have permission to film/depict locations, products and individuals while producing a short film. Content submissions are not property of EPIC Nomad Film Festival and we take no responsibility for the process used to create these works.

In some cases we may request copies of release forms signed by those depicted in submitted content if the subjects are outside of the family of the individual/s creating the content. We may also request copies of release forms signed by brand and/or copyright owners if we deem it necessary to help protect you, us, our audience and those who own rights.

The best approach is to only depict individuals who know what is being produced, why it’s being produced and for what purpose it’s being created. Use only audio that is royalty free or released under creative commons for non-commercial use.